Relationship Status & Your Partner’s Debt

So you’ve had the “finances” conversation in your relationship and you are still concerned about how exactly your partner’s debt will impact your personal financial situation? Maybe they ran up a high credit card bill or you are worried about the impact their debt has on your credit score? Hopefully, this will clear up some of the confusion. Still have questions? Comment below!



“If we get Married or become Common Law, my partner’s debt* becomes my debt…”
What’s yours is yours when it comes to debt. ANY DEBT*. You do not become responsible for your partner’s debt* when your marital status changes.

“I don’t want to take on my partner’s debt and financial responsibilities, so we are not filing our income tax together…”
Filing income tax, like changing your marital status, does not in anyway, connect you to your partner’s debt* or individual financial responsibilities. In fact, you should be filing your income tax under the appropriate status, by law and to avoid facing any penalties.

“A collection agency is calling regarding my partners debt, can they garnish my wages or take my assets?”
Unless your partner is joint owner of an asset than your assets will not be repossessed based on the debts* that your partner owes. Similarly, a creditor or collection agency can not garnish the wages of someone who doesn’t owe them money, regardless of marital status.

“But when my partner passes, I’ll become responsible for their debts* if we are married or common law…”
If something happens to your partner, you are not responsible for the repayment of their debt* regardless of divorce, separation, or death.

*Unless you are a cosigner, then this debt always was and continues to be your legal responsibility, regardless of martial status. Debt accumulated when married could also impact you in a divorce. Additionally, joint bank with someone who has delinquent accounts accounts could put your money at risk.

Unusual Circumstances:
Let’s say your partner and you are both owners on a home. If their creditor is able to put a lien on the home, this then has the potential to impact you. However, martial status has no impact on this situation.


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