What is unsecured debt?

Any debt that does not have collateral against it is unsecured. Most credit cards are unsecured along with many loans, payday loans, and lines of credit. Secured debt is usually a mortgage or a car loan. Sometimes a line of credit can be secured against a home (usually called a home equity line of credit). We cannot help with secured debts, unless you do not want to keep the asset the debt is secured against.


How much is a consultation? 

Our consultations are completely free. We will provide you with the options available to you and explain how these programs would work in your circumstances. A consultation also has no impact on your credit.


What are Debt Relief Canada’s fees?

The initial consultation is free. We offer many different programs. The consultant will go over all of the programs you qualify for and inform you if there are any fees involved.


What if I have too much debt?

There is no maximum amount of debt that we can assist with. Regardless of how much debt is owed, we will explain all available solutions to you.


Is Debt Relief Canada the government?

No, we are not the government. we are financial consultants. We provide and facilitate government programs. It is like an RESP – you can’t go to the government and open an RESP, but is a government program.


Is Debt Relief Canada not for profit company?

No, we are not a non-profit company. We are a for profit company and we are assisting clients with a federal government program. Not for profit doesn’t mean there are no fees, just that the fees are used by the company to pay operating expenses (salaries, rent, etc.)


I don’t currently live in Canada or I’m not a Canadian citizen, but I have Canadian debt. Can Debt Relief Canada help me?

Yes, we can assist Canadians living outside of the country as well as anyone living in Canada who would like to resolve their Canadian debts.


Does Debt Relief Canada assist with debts owed outside of Canada?

No, the only debt that we are able to assist with is Canadian debt.


Does Debt Relief Canada assist with student debt?

Some student debt has specific restrictions within certain programs. Call our office to confirm if your student debt will qualify.


Does Debt Relief Canada assist with co-signed debt?

Some co-signed debt can be resolved in the programs that we offer. Call our office to confirm if your co-signed debt can be helped.


Are you a Licensed Insolvency Trustee or How Are you Different than a Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

No, we are not trustees. We represent you in the process and our clients can typically expect to save 10% of what they would pay going directly to a trustee.


I’m on a fixed income, pension, employment insurance, disability, etc. Can you help me?

Yes. We will work with you to determine a monthly payment that will work in your budget.


Can you include my vehicle payment?

We cannot help with your vehicle payment, unless you do not want to keep your vehicle.


Will this affect my credit rating?

A consultation will not affect your credit rating. We will discuss a variety of programs. Each affects your credit differently. We can help you protect and rebuild your credit.


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