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Debt Relief Canada – Canadian debt at record highs, but soft landing in sight: analysts

March 19, 2013

Canadian households continue to get into deeper debt, but the most recent data also offers a bit of a respite — credit accumulation is slowing and there’s evidence the Bank of Canada is correct in saying the problem appears to be stabilizing. A Statistics Canada report Friday calculates the average household owed a record $164.97 […]

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Debt Relief Canada – Beware of fraudulent communications

March 5, 2013

Occasionally, taxpayers may receive, either by telephone, mail, or email, a communication that claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) but is NOT. In all these cases, the communication requests personal information, such as a social insurance, credit card, bank account, and passport numbers, from the taxpayer. These fraudulent communications are also referred to as […]

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Debt Relief Canada – RRSP or TFSA: Still trying to decide?

February 27, 2013

One of the things that inevitably floats to the top of the financial-goals list is “save more money.” It’s a good goal, but there are so many different vehicles you can use to save that, sometimes, the choices become the barrier to saving. At the height of RRSP season you’ll no doubt hear the reasons […]

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Debt Relief Canada – Non-mortgage debt rose 6 per cent at year end, TransUnion data show

February 21, 2013

While mortgage debt growth has been slowing, Canadian consumers are still borrowing at record levels to buy cars, finance home repairs and pay for furniture, new data shows. The average consumer’s non-mortgage debt rose nearly 6 per cent in the last three months of 2012 compared to the same period a year earlier, according to […]

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Debt Relief Canada – How to clean up errors on your credit record: Roseman

February 19, 2013

There is recourse if you’re at an impasse with a credit granter over an unpaid debt. You can ask the credit bureau to intercede on your behalf Scott Smith, 24, is an MBA student. He’s proud of paying his bills on time and having an excellent credit record. So, he was surprised to find his […]

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Debt Relief Canada – Key dates in the 2013 tax calendar

February 15, 2013

Failure to meet the Canada Revenue Agency’s deadlines for filing tax returns, making RRSP contributions, paying amounts owed and other tax-related business can cost you in penalties. To spare you getting dinged unnecessarily, we’ve highlighted a few important dates to keep in mind over the next few months. February February 11 — First day for the […]

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