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Markham is Canada’s 16th largest city and changed its status from town to city on July 1, 2012.

If you are struggling to keep up with minimum payments or simply ready to get on track to becoming debt free, our consultants are prepared with the knowledge and skills to get you on the right path. No debt is too large and no income is too small to find a solution that will work for you.

Markham is an award-winning municipality with over 353,000 residents and is the fourth-most populous community within the Greater Toronto area after Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton It is located approximately 30 kilometres northeast of Downtown Toronto. The City is the largest of nine communities in York Region within the Greater Toronto Area and is home to more than 1,500 high tech and life science companies. Canada’s high-tech capital and 16th largest municipality is thriving with a motivated, highly educated workforce. Home to more than 400 Canadian head offices – including IBM, Aviva Insurance, AMD, Bank of China, GE Digital Energy, Honeywell, Huawei Technologies, Lenovo, Johnson & Johnson, Toshiba, Honda and Hyundai. Over 1,000 technology and life sciences companies are based in Markham. These two sectors alone employ 37,000 people – over one-fifth of the total workforce of 167,500. Markham is a leader in attracting foreign direct investment with more than 210 foreign companies located in the City.

Founded in the 1790s, today Markham is an affluent and diverse community that enjoys a rich heritage, outstanding community planning and services, and a vibrant local economy. Markham has received the Excellence Canada Gold Award for Organizational Quality & Healthy Workplace, and multiple heritage and environmental awards.

Indigenous people lived in what is now Markham for many thousands of years before Europeans arrived in the area. These people include the Haudenosaunee Confederacy (the Iroquois), the Huron Wendat, the Petun and the Neutral.

Objects recovered by the a local mill owner, the Milne Family, in the 1870’s give evidence of a village within the boundaries of the present Milne Conservation Area.

The city was named by the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe after his friend, William Markham, the Archbishop of York from 1776 to 1807. The first European settlement in Markham occurred when William Berczy, a German artist and developer, led a group of less than 100 German families to North America. While they planned to settle in New York, disputes over finances and land tenure led Berczy to negotiate with Simcoe for 64,000 acres in Markham Township in 1794. Through much of Markham’s history the community has been described as an agricultural community situated on the Rouge River. A turn towards a more urbanized community within the township began after World War II when the township began to feel the effects of urban encroachment from Toronto. The completion of Highway 404 during the mid-1970s accelerated urban development in Markham.

In 1972, Markham was incorporated as a town, as its population skyrocketed due to urban sprawl from Toronto. In 1976, Markham’s population was approximately 56,000. Since that time, the population has more than quintupled with explosive growth in new subdivisions. Much of Markham’s farmland has disappeared, but some can still be found north of Major Mackenzie Drive. Controversy over the development of the environmentally sensitive Oak Ridges Moraine will likely curb development north of Major Mackenzie Drive.

Ever since the 1980s, Markham has been recognized as a suburb of Toronto. An Ontario Historical Plaque was erected in front of the Markham Museum by the province to commemorate the founding of Markham’s role in Ontario’s heritage.

Debt Relief Canada has grown significantly over the past 8 years to support individuals living communities all across Canada including Markham and others in Ontario. We still pride ourselves on our roots, being a family business..

We look forward to helping you achieve your future financial dreams by reducing and eliminating the debt that is currently holding you back. Our Consultants will review all relevant debt solutions that are available to you so that you are able to make a clear and informed decision before you take any steps forward. If you want to find out what options and solutions may be available to you, contact us today and we will schedule your free and no obligation consultation immediately.

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Our consultants focus on developing tailored financial solutions to handle your specific situation. Most unsecured debts in excess of $6,000 will qualify for the programs that Debt Relief Canada facilitates. Curious if the debts you are struggling with qualify? Give us a call at 1.855.305.9940 or send an email to info@reliefcanada.ca

We understand the economic changes that Canadians are facing today. Debt Relief Canada continues to assist Markham and York Region residents in a variety of financial situations, reduce and eliminate debt, while protecting the assets that mean the most to you and your family.

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