Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who qualifies for these programs?

– These programs are available for any person or business struggling with debt payments. We assist anyone with unmanageable debt of at least $5,000.

2. What debts can be reduced or eliminated?

– We can help with all of your unsecured debts. Some examples of unsecured debts are:

  • Credit cards
  • Lines of credit
  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Income taxes, HST/GST
  • Consolidated Loans
  • Legal Fees
  • Bank Overdraft
  • Student loans *
  • Past Due Utility Bills

3. Will I be able to keep all of my assets?

– Yes, we can help protect all of your assets including your home and vehicles!

4. Will my credit rating be affected?

– Depending on your current rating, we can help you to improve you credit score.

5. Do I have to be delinquent with my debts to qualify?

– No. We work with individuals in all stages of their debt.

6. How do I find out if my debts can be reduced or eliminated?

– Contact our office today to speak with one of our consultants.

Call 1.855.305.9940 to schedule your FREE consultation!